Imperia Cup 2016

On Saturday WDSF International Open competitions joined dancers performing Latin American program. One can imagine the delight of the audience, because “the first cup of the Empire” was supported by the current world champion Gabriele Goffredo & Anna Matus (Moldova) – it was the first large-scale competitive performance of the couple in Moscow, for the last time in the capital of Russia, they came only in September 2011 at the competition “Champions Cup”! One can go to talk about the sensual lines of Anna, Gabriele plastics and other aspects of the dance of the couple, but the most important thing – it is the dedication with which they danced to “Empire Cup” in the absence of the nearest competitors.

Two prize-winning places were beautiful Russian duo – Yuri Simachev and Anastasia Klokotova took silver, and Anton Aldaev and Natalia Polukhina – bronze. Russian championship was held in this room just two weeks ago, but the dancing couples on “Empire Cup” is a bit different – it was like a freer and more relaxed than in the Championship of Russia, one of the most important tournaments of the year.