Vivat, Russia! Sochi

From June 26 to July 1 in Sochi was the sixth traditional “Viva, Russia! 2012” tournament. On the floor of the concert hall “Festival” for 6 days showed his skill more than 3,300 participants from 70 regions of the country and 11 countries. Despite the fact that the weather tried to disrupt the event (28 June several times during the day had to stop competition because of the storm) organization “Viva” was on the ball, the second most important tournament in Russia was carried out with dignity, according to a high level.

June 29, Friday evening department opened STSR President Valentin Yudashkin and said that a few days ago, on June 18, he and other members of the union were in Berlin, where he joined and became full members (WDSF) world organization DanceSport. Valentin Yudashkin has finished his speech of thanks to the organizers, Vladimir Shturkinu (hands. Dance sport center “Dynamo”) and the President of Union of DanceSport Krasnodar Krai Grigory Vasiltsova, and participants of the tournament.

Next appeared an honorary member of the Presidium of the WDSF Heinz Specker, who welcomed the participants and shared with the audience the pleasant sensations, obtained in the tournament, and wished everyone a good time at the event, and, in general, on the Sochi ground.

It continues to separation of the first vice-president STSR Anastasia Titkova turning to athletes with the words: “In fact, the Dance Sport Union was created for the sake of you, that you brought us joy, joy carrying their parents and friends.” And then introduced the dance community the Presidium of the Union of DanceSport, which consisted of the vice-presidents: Valery Gulay, Petr Chebotarev, Vera Sheregova Anatoly Schelomitckaja, Valentin Yatsenko, as members of the Bureau: Elena Kolobov, Veronica Boltvina, Denis Kuznetsov, Rauf Salakhutdinov Alexander Ilyushenov, Sergei and Oleg Martynenko Panin. Chairman of the Audit Commission – Elena Sausheva, chairman of the Athletes Council – Anna Bezikova.

Finally was officially demonstrated the new flag of the world body of DanceSport, then continued competition.

Anton Aldaev and Natalia Polukhina have won the 1st place!