World Open Bratislava – Slovakia

6 and 7 September in Bratislava were competitions in dance sport under the aegis of the WDSF. As part of the tournament went to the floor in a couple of different categories from Juniors to Seniors. Ukrainian couple Roman emblems and Vera Bondareva very successfully performed at this dance event.
The competition in Latin program dancing WDSF World Open Gold won Russians Anton and Natalia Aldana Polukhina, silver went to representatives of the Ukrainian Roman emblems and Vera Bondareva. Christian Burazer and Martin Plohl from Slovenia became the third.

WDSF World Open Latin

  1. Anton Aldaev – Natalia Polukhina, Russian Federation
  2. Roman Gerbey – Vera Bondareva, Ukraine
  3. Kristijan Burazer – Martina Plohl, Slovenia
  4. Alexandr Makarov – Julia Remizova, Russian Federation
  5. Marek Bures – Anastasiia Iermolenko Khadjeh-Nouri, Germany
  6. Filip Karasek – Sabina Karaskova, Czech Republic