World open Roma 2014

Anton Aldaev – Natalia Polukhina in this weekend in lovely sunny Italy took place in dance sport competitions. WDSF World Open, as well as tournaments WDSF Open among Youth, Juniors and Seniors – dancers from Russia won medals of different denominations.

Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno won WDSF World Open Latin. In the second step of the podium went up another couple from Russia – Anton Aldaev and Natalia Polukhina and bronze winners were Guillaume Pascal and Rosa Carné from Spain.

Fifth place in the finals took Nikita Pavlov and Darius Paley. The children will have the final transition into the category of Adult after the New Year, however, they have long been an active part in competitions WDSF different levels. Cyril Kolpashchikov Love Gabbasova was sixth in the final.

Timur Yusupov and Sophia Harina were a step away from the final, on the 7th position, and Alexander and Maria Shmonin Kolmakova left the tournament after 1/4 and steel 14-mi.

WDSF World Open Latin

  1. Armen Tsaturyan — Svetlana Gudyno, Russian Federation
  2. Anton Aldaev — Natalia Polukhina, Russian Federation
  3. Guillem Pascual — Rosa Carne, Spain
  4. Andrea Silvestri — Varadi Martina, Hungary
  5. Nikita Pavlov — Dariia Palyey, Russian Federation
  6. Kirill Kolpashchikov — Liubov Gabbasova, Russian Federation