World Open Wuppertal – Germany

Ballroom in Wuppertal, Germany is considered one of the most beautiful. Every year, it takes place in dance sport “DanceComp” tournament.

This year, the event, held WDSF World Open competitions and rankings among Seniors. In addition, professionals WDSF PD fought for the European Cup in the European program, the results of which we reported earlier.

Anton Aldaev and Natalia Polukhina presented Russia in the final WDSF World Open Latin and won silver medals. They lost only the clear leader of the tournament – Marius-Andrei Balan and Christina Moshensky from Germany. A bronze medals took another German duo – Marek Bures and Anastasia Ermolenko Haji Noori.

Konstantin Astafiev and Elena Yakymchuk steel 7, Vyacheslav Samokhin and Pauline Teleshova – 13, Martynov Artem and Darya Frolova – 19, Eugeniy Sveridonov and Angelina Barkova – 20-22.